Septorhinoplasty Overview

Septorhinoplasty is a surgical procedure also known as a nose job which improves the appearance of the nose and improves how you breath through your nose. Rhinoplasty surgery involves operating on the cartilage and the bones that give your nose its structure and shape. Septoplasty surgery involves making your septum straight.  
If you have a deviated septum which would cause a blocked nose and affect your breathing, you may only need a septoplasty. If your nose is blocked due to a crooked or damaged nose, rhinoplasty and septoplasty is generally the only option to improve the appearance and to improve your breathing through the nose.  
This type of surgery is performed under general anesthetic. Like every surgical procedure, there are risks involved. Your surgeon will discuss all the benefits and risks involved in your consultation appointment prior to your surgery date.  

Benefits of Septorhinoplasty  

  • Improve the appearance of a crooked nose  
  • Improve snoring  
  • Improves breathing and relieves nasal blockages  
  • Changes the nose shape and creates balance  
  • Achieves both functional and cosmetic improvements  
You should have realistic expectations about the final results. Always expect improvement and not perfection.