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Rhinoplasty.ie is a website that aims to provide information and guidance for a person considering rhinoplasty. Each section of this website deals with specific questions that commonly arise when one contemplates surgery on the nose for functional or cosmetic reasons. This website has been prepared carefully, keeping in mind the Ethical guidelines prepared by the Medical Council of Ireland. The author, an Otolaryngologist, is a fellowship trained Rhinoplasty surgeon who has a keen interest in Nasal Functional & Cosmetic surgery and is committed to lifelong learning and teaching of rhinoplasty. All the views presented here are the authors own.

Our Team

Munish Shandilya

Munish Shandilya

Mr Munish Shandilya is a permanent resident of Ireland who has undergone his specialist training through the Royal College Of Surgeons of Ireland and its Higher surgical training scheme. He holds the Intercollegiate fellowship in Otolaryngology and has undergone a clinical Fellowship training in Rhinoplasty surgery with the President of the European Academy of Facial Plastic Surgery (EAFPS) Professor Nolst Trenite, in Amsterdam. (Professor Trenite is regarded as one of the most accomplished Rhinoplasty surgeons of our times.www.rhinoplasty.nl)

Mr Shandilya is on the Irish Medical Council’s Specialist Register (Registration number 17962). A member of The European Academy of Facial Plastic Surgery (EAFPS), Mr Munish Shandilya is the Irish National Delegate to the EAFPS.

His research interests in Rhinoplasty surgery include 3-Dimensional evaluation of face in patient education, Conservative Paediatric Rhinoplasty, Nasal Fracture management, Acute Septoplasty and Augmentation Rhinoplasty. He has Published research papers on rhinoplasty surgery in peer-reviewed journals.

He enjoys the priviledge of teaching as an invited guest lecturer at the rhinoplasty courses.