Nose Injuries Corrective Surgery

Who is a Candidate

Trauma Patients

Generally good candidates for rhinoplasty.

Newer techniques and material are making this type of surgery more predictable. The Author has compiled the largest series of prospectively studied cases of nasal trauma that he treated personally to improve upon the understanding of nasal trauma, healing and the need for surgical intervention.

Anyone who has thought about changing the way their nose looks or functions, is a candidate for a consultation with a specialist. Whether the person is a good candidate for surgery or not, is established during the consultations.

Nose Injuries

Nose Injury and Myths!

You must wait at-least 6 months for a septoplasty after an injury induced nasal blockage due to septal deviation.

You must wait till you are 18 or something before considering a nose surgery!

Obvious Nasal fractures under 6years of age should be manipulated!

Nasal fractures must be fixed within three weeks!

Nose Injury in Children: 12 Years of Blocked Nose After an Accidental Nose Injury

Nose Injuries

6 weeks after a surgery necessitated by an accident at age 5. A conservative septoplasty performed when she was 9 was unable to address the nasal blockage. A Grade II Cosmetic result with excellent functional outcome. Dorsum not reduced completely due to severely compromised septal integrity from the trauma & previous surgery. It would be interesting to see at the end of one year how the dorsum fares. External Approach Septo-Rhinoplasty & Tip-plasty

Nose Injuries
Nose Injuries