Nose Reshaping

Nose reshaping surgery is a common cosmetic procedure that improves the size, symmetry, and shape of a person's nose, making it proportional to the entire face. Rhinoplasty is a highly complex surgical procedure that demands a specially trained cosmetic surgeon. Nose reshaping surgery is very individualized and depends on the patient's desired look and anatomy changes. There are many types of procedural nose reshaping approaches, these include; Open Rhinoplasty, Closed Rhinoplasty, and Tip plasty. The results of any reshaping surgery are permanent. It is important to be realistic and expect improvement but not perfection. 

The nose is the central point of the face and it is central to facial balance. The end result of nose reshaping surgery all depends on the nose condition, the nose size, and the age of the patient. It is very important to be clear with your surgeon on what your realistic outcomes are and what you would hope for after the surgery. Operations for nose reshaping are generally carried out on areas such as:

  • To reshape the nose tip
  • To correct the nose width and length
  • To correct a hump at the nose bridge
  • To improve your breathing so the nasal airways can be opened
  • The width of your nostrils can be corrected with surgery
  • If you have sustained an injury, restructuring and re-positioning of the nose can be achieved through surgery