Nasal Polyps Removal

Nasal Polyps are a fairly common condition which can affect roughly 4-5% of the population. A nasal polyp is a small, generally benign teardrop shaped growth on the lining of the nasal passages or sinus cavity. If Nasal Polyps Removal surgery is required, a professional specialist is necessary to perform the surgical procedure. Surgery is the last resort if other treatments have not been successful. Nasal Polyps may not always cause symptoms especially if they are small, however if you have large polyp growths, they can block the normal drainage of the sinuses, which would result in mucus buildup and your sinuses to become easily infected. There are treatment options, however if the polyps do not shrink or disappear surgery is necessary.
There are two main types of nasal polyp removal options available, these include:

Endoscopic Sinus Surgery

The main goals of endoscopic sinus surgery include: 
  • Improve the symptoms associated with sinusitis
  • Reduce the number and severity of sinus infections
  • Improve a patient’s sense of smell
  • Improve the airflow through the nose

Traditional Sinus Surgery

The main goals of traditional sinus surgery include: 
  • Effective treatment for extremely damaged sinuses
  • Opening up of any blocked passageways
An Endoscopic Sinus procedure is used to correct any sinus issues linked to the inflammation and to remove the diseased tissue that makes up the polyp.  
Traditional Sinus procedures are generally performed for cancer surgery and serious infections. Incisions are made into the skin to make direct access to the inside of the nose.