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Rhinoplasty.ie is a website that aims to provide information and guidance for a person considering rhinoplasty. Each section of this website deals with specific questions that commonly arise when one contemplates surgery on the nose for functional or cosmetic reasons.

This website has been prepared carefully, keeping in mind the Ethical guidelines prepared by the Medical Council of Ireland.

The author, an Otolaryngologist, is a fellowship trained Rhinoplasty surgeon who has a keen interest in Nasal Functional & Cosmetic surgery and is committed to lifelong learning and teaching of rhinoplasty.

All the views presented here are the authors own.

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Munish Shandilya

Munish Shandilya

Mr Munish Shandilya is a permanent resident of Ireland who has undergone his specialist training through the Royal College Of Surgeons of Ireland and its Higher surgical training scheme. He holds the Intercollegiate fellowship in Otolaryngology and has undergone a clinical Fellowship training in Rhinoplasty surgery with the President of the European Academy of Facial Plastic Surgery (EAFPS) Professor Nolst Trenite, in Amsterdam.(Professor Trenite is regarded as one of the most accomplished Rhinoplasty surgeons of our times.www.rhinoplasty.nl)

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"Mr Shandilya,
Thank you very much for all your help and kindness. Much Appreciated! Thanks for making the procedure that little bit more pleasant. "
SN, 18F, Student
"Dr. Munish Shandilya is professional, caring and very talented in his field. I couldn't not recommend him more."
A7, 24F
"Very pleased with Dr. Shandilya's professionalism and skill"
Dublin31, 31M
"Mr. Shandilya was very friendly and spent a lot of time explaining the details of the surgery with me. He made sure I had realistic expectations of what could be achieved even though they were greatly surpassed. I couldn't be more pleased with my experience."
"I would highly recommend Mr Shandilya to anyone who is considering septo/rhino surgery. In no way during any of my consultations with him did I feel like he was pushing me into surgery. His main concern was that I was sure I wanted to have the procedure and was aware that sometimes things do not always go to plan..."
"Mr, Shandilya is a gentleman. I felt really comfortable in his care. He is extremely professional and takes a lot pride in his work."
"Male 40+ and my big nose still bugged me, too late to do anything about it? no way ! Way to much living to be done yet + I knew in my own mind this monkey needed to get off my back NOW and it was time I took control of it. I took to Dr Shandilya immediately as an individual who you can talk with, his passion for all things rhinoplasty helped me..."
"He explained the procedure in such great detail and made me thoroughly aware of the pros and cons that I felt in very safe and capable hands. He and his team showed a level of interest and care in the patients' needs that I felt was second to none. He made me feel so comfortable I knew there was no other surgeon I wanted!"
"My surgeon spent a lot of time with me, he was realistic about the results I wanted. He was very professional at all times. He put me at ease before the operation. He booked me in for operation at a time that suited me. I can't recommend him enough!"
"I had thought about getting my nose reshaped for what must have been three years. My nose developed a slight bump over the years and looked wide in photos from the front and seemed to just look too 'big' for my face. I first saw on Mr. Shandilya's nose clinic blog where he had carried out a finesse nose surgery and I didn't even think slight changes could be made but the results looked so great from his treatments"
"Amazingly talent man, who takes interest in each patient and see them as a person and not a figure to add to his resume! He takes the time to ensure your results are the most natural looking and well suited to your face! He is so friendly and easy to talk to which makes the whole experience less nerve wrecking! Could not recommend this gentleman more!"
"After breaking my nose in 2013, I was recommended to Mr. Shandilya by the hospital that I attended. At my initial consultation, Mr. Shandilya explained to me what he planned to do with my nose. I thought the plan was fantastic and I couldn’t wait to see the results."
"Dr Shandilya
Thank you so much for all the care and attention you and your team gave me whilst I was a patient in the Whitfield Clinic. I couldn’t have asked for anything better in any way.Thank you also for all the time and careI received from you after my operation. Mum and I appreciate it more than you will ever know. Thank you so much and hopefully one day our paths may cross in the medical field."
CT, 21F, Medical Professional
"Dr Munish Shandilya is an amazing talented nose surgeon who is passionate about noses and understands noses very well. I was absolutely thrilled with my nose and I would highly recommend him to anyone considering rhinoplasty."
"Referred by our local hospital.This was until I had my first consultation with Mr. Shandilya. His confidence and knowledge in rhinoplasty, which was something I hadn't encountered in Accident and Emergency, immediately put me at ease. He took photos at different angles of my nose which he was then able to morph on a computer to give me a rough idea..."
Louise Ireland
"I underwent a Septo-Rhinoplasty with Dr.Shandilya in May of this year. The procedure had both cosmetic and functional elements that he clearly explained to me in the consultations pre-surgery and I felt completely at ease with everything before going in"
"Dear Dr Shandilya
Just writing to say a huge thank you for the wonderful job you did. I am delighted and continue to be amazed every day what a difference it has made. I have so much more confidence and it is all down to you. Thanks a million times over."
JK, 18F, Student
"I cannot praise Mr. Munish Shandilya highly enough. I had my rhino procedure carried out two weeks ago by him and I am thrilled with the results. Mr. Shandilya is extremely thorough and is excellent at what he does. I would highly recommend him to anyone thinking of having this surgery."
"I cannot recommend Mr Shandilya highly enough, he is a genius in his field and more importantly, an absolute gentleman who radiates kindness and care to his patients. I am so thankful to have benefitted from his extraordinary talents and I just hope that these modest words can reflect just how highly I regard the man..."
"Many thanks for care & attention before & after my son's recent Nose operation. Also top marks to the staff during the hospital stay in Whitfield Clinic."
RD 24M, Revision Rhinoplasty
"Mr Shandilya is very polite, professional & takes pride in his work. He set realistic expectations from day one & puts any concerns you have at rest. I would recommend Mr Shandilya to anyone considering rhinoplasty!"
lillylaur89, 26F
"Mr Shandilya is excellent in his field and would recommend him as I am delighted with my nose. He is very thorough in his assessment and consultation. You are made feel at ease and he explains everything you need to know and also you can go for numerous consultations until you are fully informed and comfortable in your decison."
"I decided a good few years ago that I would like to have this procedure done but I never had the nerve to actually do it. This year, the nerves pulled through. I always had an "issue" with the size of my nose and always wanted to have a smaller one"
JB, 34F
"I have recently under-gone surgery with Mr Munish Shandilya. I'm am three weeks post-op. I had a 'septo-rhionplasty'!!! I'm a theatre nurse and have wanted this surgery for a very long time, during my time"
FM, 22, Medical Professional
"Doctor Shandilya was so pleasant and professional. He is a very talent man and a nice person. I would have no hesitation in recommending him and I thank him for the good care he took with me."
"I cant praise Dr Shandilya highly enough. From my initial visit with him, through surgery and now during my aftercare he has been nothing short of professional, considerate, caring and has changed my life completely. I would without doubt recommend Dr Shandilya to anyone out there is considering nose surgery..."
"Munish is a very honest and caring consultant who will only tell you the truth of the procedures etc. He is very committed to ensuring that his patients get his 100% and does all to deliver. I recommend him very highly and am very thankful for his operation on me."
Irish Footballer
"Dr Shandilya is a very kind and patient man. Takes his job very seriously as well as peoples needs and feelings. Genuinely felt like I could contact him whenever I needed and still post surgery feel like that which says a lot. Honestly could not give less that 5 stars for any aspect of the process."
Dublin Orla

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